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Developed in collaboration with some of Europe’s largest commercial greenhouse growers, Heliospectra’s supplemental top lighting fixtures are designed to maximize the light quality and DLI in your greenhouse to achieve highest-quality crops and performance.


Regulate supplemental light use to reach Daily Light Integral (DLI) targets, to achieve consistent, year-round yields by supplying perfect light levels 365 days a year.

Using sensors and our HelioCORE control system we make DLI an integrated part of your greenhouse and ensures optimal plant growth and consistent harvest results — independent of season and weather conditions.


Boost crop quality to produce plants that look and taste better, offer improved nutritional or medicinal consistency and have a longer shelf life with an optimized light spectrum that also increases overall yield.


Our market leading control software allows you to optimize your production and plant quality. Independent of your crop-specific light strategies, our HelioCORE modules include the DLI Controller, On Target PAR Controller and Schedule Controller to automate dynamic light response and schedules.

Speed Breeding Project John Innes Centre

"The project has been an immense success and the team was able to achieve wheat generation from seed-to-seed in just 8-9 weeks."

How Heliospectra LEDs accelerated harvest cycles at John Innes Centre to 8 weeks

Greenbelt Microgreens

“Our consistency and yield requirements along with a very short growing cycle for microgeens demand uniform light distribution and intensity 365 days a year.

Greenbelt Microgreens Increases Yields Year-Round

Green Mountain Harvest Hydroponics

“We typically harvested our summer crisp lettuce at 55 days. With Heliospectra, we now harvest between 42 and 45 days. The opportunity to accelerate harvest and create additional revenue cycles significantly scales our business.”

How Heliospectra LEDs Grew Green Mountain Harvest Hydroponics' Business by 25%

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