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In a sole-source indoor environment, the spectrum quality and light intensity are vital for healthy plants and superior crop performance. Our spectrum and lighting strategies are developed together with commercial growers to deliver highest light quality across all stages of plant growth.


Our spectrum is based on extensive in-house crop research and tested together with leading growers. This guarantee you as a grower a sole-source LED lighting solution that produces healthy crops year round.


Plan your production from day one with our Schedule Controller. Our intelligent LED lighting and HelioCORE control software let growers apply customized lighting strategies across the production and harvest cycle. Induce flowering or extend the photoperiod for food and long-day flower crops using automated and pre-set schedules.

Our Experts Are Ready to Help!

Single-tier, two-tier or a vertical grow setup? We understand that no grow environment is the same. Therefore, we have developed a range of solutions and expertise within Heliospectra. Our Technical Service department and sales team stands ready to support you as you are developing your future lighting strategies.

Speed Breeding Project John Innes Centre

"The project has been an immense success and the team was able to achieve wheat generation from seed-to-seed in just 8-9 weeks."

How Heliospectra LEDs accelerated harvest cycles at John Innes Centre to 8 weeks

Central Maine Flower

"With the Heliospectra lights, the quality and intensity is there, the full-spectrum intensity. And you can actually see the light start to penetrate through the canopy."

Using superior light quality to ensure consistent chemical profiles and yields for medicinal cannabis cultivation

The Grove

"By using Heliospectra LED grow lights we were able to cut the HVAC demanded in half, saving us over 1.4mil USD in upfront expenses."

Using Heliospectra LED Grow Lights Cuts HVAC Capital Expenditure in Half

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