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Growing Medicinal Marijuana? Choose Your LED Grow Light in Two Steps

With the addition of the E601C to our E60 product family, here are two easy steps to assist in choosing the right light for your needs.

  1. Which environment is best for the E60 - Indoors or Greenhouse?

    Both! For indoor applications the E601 is optimal. The E602 is perfect for greenhouses to supplement the sun.

  2. Which growth stage should you use the E60 -  Vegetative vs. Flowering? 

    For Vegetative growth, we recommend the G plate type.

    For Flowering, we recommend the C plate-type, which includes Far-Red light to promote flowering. Growers using the C plate-type in our LX60 Series have reported decreased flowering times by up to 14 days!


Whether you choose the E601C to light your 50,000 square foot vertical grow or the E602G to add supplemental lighting in your greenhouse, the E60 is a very easy, cost-effective way to discover the power of LED Grow Lights technology with Heliospectra.

Still have some questions? No worries! You are welcome to contact us anytime at sales@heliospectra.com