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LED Grow Lights: Why The Grove Chose Heliospectra

From an efficiency perspective, The Grove pays approximately half of the electricity cost that other HID oriented grows pay. That decrease in cost of goods will be important as downward price pressure grows in this ever commoditizing market. The choice to use Heliospectra LED grow lights also allowed for half of the initial HVAC infrastructure to be built. This reduction in up-front capital expenditure resulted in a one year return on investment on the LED lights.

The Grove Nevada is a 40,000 sf, vertically oriented, cannabis grow operation.  With four double tiered flower rooms and one triple tiered vegetative room, the operation is state of the art.  Constructed with GMP (good manufacturing practices) standards, one could eat off of the shiny white floor.  No corners were cut in the development of the facility.

When it came to their choice of lights, The Grove did their homework.  Their requirements were like other growers.  The lights must yield an acceptable dry weight and produce high-quality flower.  If the lamps were capable of growing in a vertical configuration, that would be an added bonus.  Such a feature would double the canopy size of their grow.

With an eye focused on grams per watt, they tested a dozen lamps, including all the LEDlamps they could find.  As well, they visited multiple LED oriented grow facilities.

“When we finally decided to pull the plug on going LED, our natural choice was to go with Heliospectra.” says Kevin Biernacki, Head Grower of The Grove.

The Head Grower at The Grove appreciates the spectral control of the Heliospectra LX601C.  The lamp allows for accelerated harvest via a far red push during the last 20 minutes of the flowering photoperiod.  Growers have the option of mimicking sunrise and sunset with up to 150 discrete spectrum changes daily.

The Grove’s first harvest yielded a strain with a Myrcene level of 10% and another boasting a whopping 31.4% THC level.  This unprecedented level of control over a lamp is changing the way growers grow.  Grow operations can be much more dynamic with multiple strains running different light recipes.

“Having a good relationship with Heliospectra has really helped us alot.”

Check out the video explaining why The Grove chose Heliospectra LED lights below.

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