LIGHTING STRATEGIES: Influence of Daily Light Integral (DLI) and Far-Red on Simpson Lettuce

OBJECTIVE: To understand how different light intensities that sum up to equal DLI is effecting growth of lettuce.

Heliospectra PlantLab light studies are designed to determine the effect of different wavelengths and spectra composition.

Using light strategies to create desired crop quality, flavor profiles and plant characteristics provide growers with value-add solutions for their businesses.

  • Place and duration: Heliospectra PlantLab
  • Species: Lettuce – Black Seeded Simpson
  • Lamps: LX601C
  • PAR Intensity: Varies to achieve DLI of 13.0
  • Photoperiod: 16 hours (8.00-0.00)

METHOD: Two spectra were tested using the Heliospectra LX601C, a combination of blue (450nm), red (660nm) and white LEDs (5700K), and a second spectrum with an additional far-red (735nm). Both light treatments summed up the same daily light integral, DLI = 13.

RESULTS: Far-red (FR) influences height and appearence of the lettuce. It also impact on the overall biomass of the lettuce.

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