Technical Solutions Manager

Fei Jia

Hi! I’m Fei, the Technical Solutions Manager in North America here at Heliospectra. I actually started my career off in academia, working with developing sensor technologies for measuring algae during my PhD studies, after which I continued to work with numerous research opportunities. I joined Heliospectra 2 years ago and have been helping customers get the most out of their installations since then.  

What’s makes me tick?

Developing and integrating sensor technologies with leading bio control systems towards an automated future.

What can I do for you?

  • Pre and Post sale research, analysis, and support.  
  • In depth simulations of how much natural light your facility might be receiving and how much supplemental light you might need.  
  • Lighting configuration planning.
  • Creating bespoke light plans to ensure you and your crops get the correct quantity of lights and quality of output.  
  • Grower educational sessions for you and your team.  
  • Holding sessions and workshops on a variety of topics ranging from DLI (daily light integral) analysis, to growing strategies, to control system optimization.  
  • Control system management, education and set up.
  • Helping you and your team get the most out of your helioCONNECT or helioCORE enabled fixtures.  

"If you’re considering LEDs and need help with detailed light plans, installation, or sensor implementation, then I’m your guy!"

Ask me about Light Plans

Our team of horticulture and lighting experts stand ready to assist you in creating a customize light plan for your environment.

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