Technical Solutions Manager

Johan Lindqvist

Hej! My name’s Johan Lindqvist and I’m the Technical Solutions Manager here at Heliospectra. Following university, I decided to put my degree in systems controls and mechatronics to work and continued my work with Heliospectra. I helped develop the sensor algorithms that we use today. Nowadays I work within our Technical Services team, acting as a link between our customers and our product portfolio.

What’s my passion?

  • Developing ways in which to efficiently control lighting systems for peak efficiencies.  
  • Improving algorithms, sensor technology, and control system technologies to reshape the future of cultivation.

How can I help you?

  • Lighting strategy design.
  • In depth light planning so your crops get exactly the light that they need.
  • Helping choose and implement the right automation strategy for you.
  • Natural light analysis.
  • In depth simulations of how much natural light your facility might be receiving, and how much supplemental light you might need.  
  • Training and education in plant and light science for you and your team.
  • Topics including, how to measure light using sensors and how to best use and automate our lighting systems.
  • Helping plan, design, and run lighting trials for customer pilot projects.
  • Ever wondered what swapping to LED’s would do for you? I can help you discover the future of your operation by helping set up pilot projects for you.  

"Need help with light planning, or automation systems setup? Then look no further, I’m here to help!"

Ask me about DLI and Climate Modeling

Our team of horticulture and lighting experts stand ready to assist you in creating a customize light plan for your environment.

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