Grower Liaison

Ryan Wankel

Hey! My name is Ryan Wankel, a second-generation cannabis grower and Heliospectra’s Grower Liaison and inhouse Cannabis Specialist. Having grown up around both cannabis and vegetable crops, I’ve always been drawn to cultivation, something which eventually led me to becoming an award-winning cannabis master grower. My time as both a grower and now as a technical specialist has equipped me with the skills to help growers truly excel.  

What’s my passion?

Cannabis cultivation in all forms, specifically lighting and the many effects that it can have on cannabis production.

How can I help you?

If you haven't done so already, check out my latest webinars, where I partner with Cannabis growers across the globe to talk about every aspect of cannabis production.

Get in touch with me to talk about:

  • From seed to harvest, I have the information to help you succeed.  
  • Develop cannabis-focused pilot projects for you.
  • I can also help perform trials our in-house cannabis testing facility.  
  • Provide you with the assistance needed to successfully transition a facility from HPS to LED lighting.  
  • With first-hand experience, I can help guide you and your team through the tricky transition periods.
  • Provide extensive education and training on cannabis production for you and your team.  Topics include things like: Transplanting, Cannabis Lighting Strategies, Integrated Pest Management.  
  • Lighting solutions design for your cannabis facility.  
  • Help you design room setups and recommend solutions for your facility based on your specific needs.  
"If you’re looking for help with all things cannabis cultivation - be it lighting, irrigation, soil, or anything else, then be sure to reach out!"

Ask me about Cannabis

Our team of horticulture and lighting experts stand ready to assist you in creating a customize light plan for your environment.

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