A popular greenhouse and vertical farm variety, Aroma 2 basil features glossy green leaves and a robust fragrance along with disease resistant properties to make it a year-round favorite for growers worldwide. Consistent crop quality and appearance—and favorable prices—become attainable business goals as commercial growers seek to accelerate time to market while offering both retailers and consumers the freshest, most flavorful basil harvest after harvest.
Objective of the experiment: To test different light quality on Microgreen Mustard. Heliospectra Light Test are set up to test the effect of different wavelengths and spectrum compositions on different types of crops. An important part in order for us to supply our growers with an effective and value adding solution for their business.
An innovation group consisting of expertise in strawberry cultivation, plant lighting, plant research, food science and sensoric analysis, are working on combining greenhouse cultivation of Swedish strawberries with innovative lighting technology (LED technology). The goal - year-round cultivation of strawberries with the preserved taste, aroma and color as the Swedish strawberry is known for.
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