Given increasing consumer demand for fresh produce year-round, a grower’s initial investment in supplemental LED lighting is quickly offset by accelerated harvests, smarter energy consumption and a uniform, quality yield day in and day out.
In this second post in our series on daily light integral (DLI), we demonstrate how greenhouse growers can identify a target DLI to determine how much supplemental lighting is needed during winter months with less natural sunlight. Adjustable-spectra LED lighting systems make it possible to provide crops with near constant summertime DLI 365 days/year. This strategy can be used to ensure vigorous plants through every stage of growth and deliver quality yields consistently year-round.
With the shortest days of the year upon those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, which means a scarce six hours of daylight at Heliospectra’s plant research lab in Gothenburg, Sweden, we’re focused on how to make the sun shine…even when the sun is not. Optimizing light in your greenhouse or CEA facility generally equates to happy plants and reliably large yields.
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