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Our LED lighting solutions are used by growers and research institutions on six continents. Our customers share success stories and business benefits achieved with the market's proven LED grow lights.

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Greenbelt Microgreens

“Our consistency and yield requirements along with a very short growing cycle for microgeens demand uniform light distribution and intensity 365 days a year.

Greenbelt Microgreens Increases Yields Year-Round

Application: Greenhouse

Crop type: Arugula, Broccoli Sprouts, Leafy Greens, Microgreen Mustard, Microgreen Pea Sprout, Microgreens, Sunflower Sprouts

Green Mountain Harvest Hydroponics

“We typically harvested our summer crisp lettuce at 55 days. With Heliospectra, we now harvest between 42 and 45 days. The opportunity to accelerate harvest and create additional revenue cycles significantly scales our business.”

How Heliospectra LEDs Grew Green Mountain Harvest Hydroponics' Business by 25%

Application: Greenhouse

Crop type: Basil, Crisp Lettuce, Watercress

Speed Breeding Project John Innes Centre

"The project has been an immense success and the team was able to achieve wheat generation from seed-to-seed in just 8-9 weeks."

How Heliospectra LEDs accelerated harvest cycles at John Innes Centre to 8 weeks

Application: Greenhouse, Indoor, Research & AgTech

Crop type: Cereals, wheat


After more than half a year of operation in Antarctica, the DLR Eden ISS self- sufficient greenhouse concept appears to be effective for demanding climate regions on Earth, as well as for future manned missions to the Moon and Mars.

Application: Indoor, Research & AgTech

Crop type: Cucumber, Leafy Greens, Peppers, Tomato, Vegetables

The Grove

"By using Heliospectra LED grow lights we were able to cut the HVAC demanded in half, saving us over 1.4mil USD in upfront expenses."

Using Heliospectra LED Grow Lights Cuts HVAC Capital Expenditure in Half

Application: Indoor

Crop type: Cannabis


"What was really impressive was that we found that by changing the ratio of far-red and red, we could get the basil plants to actually be chill tolerant. By shining this different ratio of LED lights on basil for a period of time, we significantly extended the shelf life of our potted plants in the retail stores."

Vitacress: Increasing Shelf Life and Negating Chill Damage of Basil

Application: Greenhouse

Crop type: Basil, Coriander, Lemon Balm, Oregano, Parsley

Central Maine Flower

"With the Heliospectra lights, the quality and intensity is there, the full-spectrum intensity. And you can actually see the light start to penetrate through the canopy."

Using superior light quality to ensure consistent chemical profiles and yields for medicinal cannabis cultivation

Application: Indoor

Crop type: Cannabis, Medicinal

Gothenburg Botanical Garden

"Heliospectra gave us the best result ever on our Alpine plants. Now with the LX60s we get even better results. 100% of our Dionysia cuttings survive. That is exceptional!"

Gothenburg Botanical Garden: Improved Quality in High Altitude Plants

Application: Greenhouse

Crop type: Alpines, Dionysia

Spisa AB

"The LX60 delivers what it promises. Overall, it looks very positive. For Spisa, it is of course important to constantly reduce our carbon footprint and minimize energy consumption while optimizing the quality of our products."

Spisa AB: Increased Crop Quality and Reduced Carbon Footprint

Application: Greenhouse

Crop type: Crisp Lettuce, Galiano Lettuce, Simpson Lettuce

Forschungszentrum Jülich

Impact of Dynamic Light on Photosynthesis

Impact of Dynamic Light on Photosynthesis

Application: Research & AgTech

Crop type: Arabidopsis