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Superior Light Performance for Top Shelf Medicine

"The heat sinks on the Heliospectra lights are amazing! They really are. This heat sink in here is just so much bigger and you can tell that there is more quality involved. You're also saving money because you're not having to replace the bulbs anymore. With these diodes, you are getting the same peak performance year after year."
Ryan Aubin, Master Grower

Master grower Ryan Aubin was looking for a workhorse light with high intensity light quality and a simple on and off function that would outperform traditional HPS as well as failed, sub-par LEDs from other manufacturers that he had tried in the past.  

Using the Heliospectra LED grow lights, Ryan found the optimized spectrum of blue, red, white and far-red wavelengths produced better yields and accelerated flowering, shaving 7 to 14 days off each production cycle.  

Maine CBD noticed much denser flowers in the first production cycle than under HPS or other LEDs. With the ability to coax taller plants and higher quality flowers with fewer leaves around the bud area, Ryan was also able to save significant time on trimming.

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