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Central Maine Flower

Using superior light quality to ensure consistent chemical profiles and yields for medicinal cannabis cultivation

Application: Indoor

Crop type: Cannabis, Medicinal

Ryan Aubin, Master Grower, Central Maine Flower

"With the Heliospectra lights, the quality and intensity is there, the full-spectrum intensity. And you can actually see the light start to penetrate through the canopy..."

Top Shelf Medicine

Master Grower Ryan Aubin and Benny Carasco at Central Maine Flower are committed to their licensed caregiver service and delivering consistent, pharmaceutical-grade medicine to patients.

“It’s important that your procedures are clean and your product comes out top notch every time because a variation in the THC profile or even the way it looks - if a bud doesn’t look consistent for that patient every time they come to buy it - you will lose them as a customer,” explains Aubin.

The grow facility is a 100% controlled environment equipped with state-of-the-art, proprietary hydroponics systems featuring a reverse osmosis water filtration system. The combination of cultivation experience, work ethic, and extreme attention to detail enables Central Maine Flower to produce the highest quality product.

"I have the option to shave off 7 to 14 days of every production cycle."

Central Maine Flower was looking for workhorse light with the high intensity and the simple on and off function to replace a traditional HPS light. Using the Heliospectra E60 with an optimized, fixed spectrum of blue, red and white light in the flower rooms produced better yields and higher quality product.

They noticed much denser flowers in the first production cycle than under HPS and were able to coax taller plants. Fewer leaves around the bud area also saved Central Maine Flower time on the trimming.

And after testing multiple LEDs from other manufacturers that quickly landed in Central Maine Flower's "LED graveyard" of inferior and broken lamps, Aubin is happy to report:

"The heat sinks on the Helio are amazing. They really are. This heat sink in here is just so much bigger and you can just tell that there's more quality gonna be involved in that. You're also saving 'cause you're not having to replace the bulbs anymore. With these diodes they have three to five years before they degrade at all so you're getting the same peak performance year after year," he explains.