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“If you want to put lights on your crop, you want to put it on the most efficient way possible. And today, I think that's LED...Our partnership with Heliospectra ensures unparalleled LED lighting and controls as well as a rich legacy of plant science and cultivation expertise.” 
Andrew Fuller, Technical Director

While choosing the lighting solution for their new greenhouse facility, Bridge Farm Group made the decision to turn to more energy-efficient LEDs instead of traditional horticultural HPS lights. Supplemental LED lighting allows Bridge Farm to provide the freshest and most flavorful herbs on the market 365 days a year despite seasonal changes and low light levels during the winter months.

After talking to several LED suppliers, Bridge Farm Group decided on Heliospectra’s highly efficient MITRA – which offers a flexible, versatile, and resource-efficient solution that easily adapts to any greenhouse, indoor or vertical farm environment.

A spectral trial was also conducted to understand the potential of different light quality effects on plants in a greenhouse environment. The trials demonstrated that spectral quality influences plant growth performance during the autumn and winter production seasons. By using the broad spectrum MITRA Bellatrix which includes far-red, Bridge Farm could get the potted herbs to grow taller.

Bridge Farm is now saving energy compared to using HPS while not compromising plant quality. By using the MITRA LEDs, the cultivation team can now light twice as much production area or floorspace as they could with HPS.

By using less energy but still getting more light into the greenhouse, Bridge Farm Group can now experience energy savings and an increase of efficiency in the grow area. Heliospectra’s MITRA improved quality aspects of the herbs like sturdiness, aroma, and taste.  

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