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Plant Purity and Premium Flower

“Our commitment to sustainable cannabis cultivation made the selection of Heliospectra’s resource-efficient LEDs and the sophisticated light controls simple and straightforward. Higher Perspective Healings is able to apply precise light intensities and spectra ratios to ensure healthy plants and pure cannabinoid profiles from seed to flower.”  
Larry Don Wilson III, Founder and Master Grower,
Higher Perspective Healings, Oklahoma City


After receiving one of Oklahoma’s first cannabis cultivation licenses in September 2018, Higher Perspective Healings founder and master grower Larry Wilson took on an extensive facility build-out and countless city building inspections to transform an existing building at his family’s auto dealership into a state-of- the art indoor cultivation facility.  


Knowing he wanted to create top shelf medicine for area dispensaries and offer retailers distinct strains not common in the Oklahoma City area, Larry selected Heliospectra’s ELIXIA LEDs with software controls for a mother and veg room as well as the flower rooms due to the flexible, programmable schedules and applications available for each stage of growth – from seed to flower.

Committed to growing diverse strains that include sativa-dominant as well as indica-dominant hybrids in living soils, Larry clearly recognized the benefits of Heliospectra’s adjustable spectra and intensities.


Achieving high-THC cannabinoid profiles that average between 24% and 26% since initial harvests in 2019, Higher Perspective Healings continues to pull 3.83 pound yields per light, achieving 4.6 pounds or more of highest quality top buds per flower room.

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