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Sanoid Isolates

Cultivating Cannabis at Sanoid Isolates in Sevilla, Spain.

Application: Greenhouse

Crop type: Cannabis, Medicinal

Setting up for Success

Consistency is king when it comes to crop cultivation, growers simply want to enjoy the benefits that come with predictable and repeatable results - who wouldn’t? This remains to be especially true in the medicinal cannabis industry, where consistency isn’t just a luxury but a necessity. Since 2017 Sanoid Isolates has been working on planning and developing their upcoming facility to be capable of producing cannabis extractions with the highest levels of quality, traceability, and consistency possible.

To achieve this, they needed to build a state-of-the-art nursery and that’s where Heliospectra was able to step in. Using our adjustable spectrum ELIXIA™ lights, Sanoid has been able to position themselves perfectly to now start cultivating at the highest quality possible and enjoy the flexibility that our platforms provide going into the future.


Cannabis crops in a vegetative stage under our ELIXIA lights.

A Little About Sanoid...

Located in Seville in the south of Spain, Sanoid have approached their cultivation cycles in a unique way, growing the crops in a screened outdoor environment, while maintaining their crucial mother plants in a greenhouse. During the warmer half of the year, their cannabis crops are able to enjoy the warm and naturally bright light that the region is known for and for the colder months of the year Sanoid can reduce their production and shift their focus onto extractions and their next crop.

In order to make this cultivation cycle work though, Sanoid needed to be able to reliably keep their mother plants in a vegetative state to ensure the highest levels of crop consistency between cycles. The solution to this problem was then to build a state-of-the-art nursery for the mother plants, a greenhouse in which every variable from the lighting, to the irrigation was controllable.


Cannabis seedlings undergoing propagation below our ELIXIA lights.

The Greenhouse of the Future

By partnering up with Heliospectra and a number of other leading manufacturers, Sanoid have been able to build a truly next generation greenhouse nursery. Featuring 224 of our adjustable spectrum ELIXIA lights, Sanoid have been able to dial in their lighting strategy and spectral mix to perfectly suit their present needs - at the moment keeping their mother plants in a healthy vegetative state for as long as possible.

However, as Sanoid continues to scale their business those needs could change and that’s where their decision to choose our ELIXIA lights becomes even more important. Under older or inferior systems, Sanoid would need to outfit their greenhouse with new lights if they ever wanted to use it for a different purpose, for instance flowering instead of cloning. But by using ELIXIA , Sanoid never need to worry about that, they already have access to every possible light spectrum they could need. Changing parameters in their greenhouse would only require a simple reconfiguration of settings through our built-in software or an upgrade to our helioCORE™ control system in the future, giving them almost limitless flexibility in an environment which can truly adapt to their business needs. In essence, Sanoid have built themselves a greenhouse capable of anything that they need of it, setting them up for success as they continue to grow and develop their operation.

Sanoid have addressed the needs of their future, while still ensuring that their present needs are met. As they now begin production, Sanoid can enjoy the crop consistency and quality that the dialed in spectrum from our ELIXIA lights is able to provide them with. While still resting easy with the knowledge that they can adapt their facility to whatever needs arise at the push of a button.