The Grove Nevada

Ahead of the Curve in Adopting LED Technology

"LED lights...that is a measurable impact on capital infrastructure. Reduction in cost and power for lighting. Reduction in cost for power for HVAC. That's a big deal for a facility."

Aaron Tippets, Engineer, Tippets Mechanical


When The Grove Nevada, a cannabis grow operation in Las Vegas, began exploring the build-out of their new facility in 2015 with Heliospectra LED lighting, they were one of the first indoor cultivation facilities to grow in two and three vertical tiers. The return on their investment became quite clear when they calculated the HVAC savings.

The HVAC savings and reduced upfront costs from taking 90 tons of estimated demand down to 45 tons more than sealed the deal, representing $1.4 million in savings.


The Grove had studied all available lamps in the marketplace from a yield and quality of flower standpoint and the adjustable spectrum Heliospectra ELIXIA with light control software stood heads above the competition.

Using more than 650 networked ELIXIA LEDs and the helioCORE light control system to simulate the full spectrum of natural sunlight, the facility is lit to mimic the natural cycles of day and night during harvest season which maximizes growth and minimizes energy consumption. In fact, the use of LED lighting cuts power usage by up to 40% and lowers A/C consumption by half.


The Grove Nevada standardized on Heliospectra to optimize plant quality and plant health while diversifying the array of strains available.

The Grove hit 216 lbs of flower and 121 lbs of trim a total of 337 lbs in their Elixia, light room. The total weight of trim is testing between 10-18% THC. Based on their calculation, The Grove was able to achieve 52 grams per sqft

Here are the results: 

“We recognize that LED lighting technologies play a vital role in scaling our business as we focus on growing our facility footprint and customer base in Nevada. Beyond the financial savings and operational efficiencies achieved, the lighting strategies and controls developed with Heliospectra ensure that we offer customers only the highest quality and most consistent, all-natural products.”
The Grove Nevada

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