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The Grove

Using Heliospectra LED Grow Lights Cuts HVAC Capital Expenditure in Half

Application: Indoor

Crop type: Cannabis

When The Grove, a cannabis grow operation in Nevada, began exploring the build-out of their new facility with Heliospectra LED lighting, the return on their investment became quite clear when they calculated the HVAC savings. The Grove had studied all of the available lamps in the marketplace from a yield and quality of flower standpoint and the Heliospectra LX601C lamps stood heads above the competition. The HVAC savings and reduced upfront costs from taking 90 tons of estimated demand down to 45 tons more than sealed the deal.

Aaron Tippets, Tippets Mechanical

“I wish all of my projects went as well as The Grove. Grow operations really need to be looking at the alternatives to HPS lamps.”

The reduction in capital expenditures alone justifies the price tag for Heliospectra’s LED grow lights, not to mention the dramatic utility savings. According to the original plans for HPS lighting in the facility, the operation called for 90 tons of AC. The general contractor, Aaron Tippets of Tippets Mechanical, did his own heat testing of HPS vs LED. His conclusions led The Grove down a much more resource-efficient path with the installation and standardization of Heliospectra lamps. The total AC and HVAC demand for each room was cut in half, down to 45 tons.

"By using Heliospectra LED grow lights we were able to cut the HVAC demanded in half, saving The Grove over 1.4mil USD in upfront expenses."

Kevin Biernacki, Master Grower and Cultivation Manager

After all of the calculations were done, including the HVAC, CapEx, and OpEx, the ROI on Heliospectra lamps was projected to be achieved within Year 1 of operation. This savings guarantees a much lower cost of goods produced for The Grove, an upside that the operation will enjoy as product pricing pressures grow in the market.

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