Lighting Up Cannabis

“The ability to fine tune these lights for each phase of growth has transformed every stage of our cannabis cultivation. We are consistently producing high-quality product, while significantly reducing our energy needs.” Andrew Sigler, Director of Operations, Experience Organics


Cannabis is one of nature’s most light-hungry crops. This poses significant challenges for indoor growers. Unable to rely on HPS lighting to produce their signature premium-quality cannabis, Experience Organics needed to source a powerful, responsive LED lighting solution that would grow the finest flowers in the most sustainable way.


After investigating LED providers, Experience Organics chose Heliospectra, the only company with an adjustable spectrum lighting solution. ELIXIA, LED grow light, features up to four tuneable wavelengths, variable light intensities and infinite spectral options. Experience Organics would have the flexibility to choose the right spectrum for each stage of their cannabis production, to deliver superior crop quality.


Paired with Heliospectra’s control system, and WIFI connectivity of each ELIXIA grow light enabled the team at Experience Organics to apply precise lighting strategies to meet their growing objectives, while monitoring and adjusting light protocols from any location. As a result, they reduced flowering time on most of their strains and saw a remarkable 50% decrease in their energy costs, while consistently producing the high quality flower their market expects.

Experience Organics is a Tier 3 cannabis producer in Washington State, committed to ongoing research and trying new sustainable growing techniques. Their premium naturally grown strains are cultivated indoors where daily attention is paid to each plant to ensure the highest quality craft cannabis.

Experience Organics has been using the same ELIXIA lights for over 4 years and have required no maintenance.    

Andrew Sigler provides insight into Reaching the Full Potential of Your Cannabis Grow at this webinar.

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