New strategic direction for Heliospectra – focus on sustainable data-driven cultivation and the European greenhouse market

Gothenburg, Sweden, December 22, 2021,at 13:40 CET - In 2022, Heliospectra plans to launch several data-drivendevelopment projects, including a unique patented biosensor based on severalyears of research and practical cultivation experience. As a result, inconsultation with the management team, the board has chosen to make a strategicshift and is now aiming wholeheartedly towards sustainable data-drivencultivation and Smart Farming with a focus on Europe's greenhouse market.


Completion and launch of data-drivendevelopment projects


In 2022, Heliospectra plans to finalize and launchseveral development projects to strengthen the company's data-driven solutions.Including an updated version of the company's helioCORE™ control system, thelaunch of the next generation MITRA, Adelfi, a Wi-Fi connector that enables theintegration of MITRA with the helioCORE™ control system and sensors, as well asfield tests and the launch of the company's new unique biosensor.


With the upcoming product launches, the board and themanagement team have decided to make a strategic shift towards data-drivencultivation. As a result, the company repositions itself from being mainly asupplier of LED lights, targeting greenhouse and indoor growers needing newlighting, to a system supplier within smart farming. The system combinessensors, software, and lighting to deliver a data-driven solution targetingcommercial growers.


” Heliospectra is in an exciting phase where we arecompleting several critical development projects related to data-drivensolutions. With our system solution and our new sensor technology, growers willdetect stress, quickly identify problems, and accurately measure plant growth.The result is greater precision and more control over the crops, reduced waste,and an improved cultivation economy overall,” says Ali Ahmadian, CEO ofHeliospectra.


Sensors and data-driven farming are partof a growing smart farming trend

The rapidly growing trend of using different sensorsin cultivation is not a new phenomenon and often occurs in connection withconcepts such as smart farming and precision horticulture. The driving forces behindthese trends are the ambition for a more sustainable, automated, connected,efficient, and predictable crop production with less waste and higher qualityin the crops, where growers rely more on data to plan and optimize output.Furthermore, in the light of the increasing pressures of climate change, it isnecessary to secure the food supply for a growing and increasingly urbanizedglobal population. Today the smart farming market is valued at approximately USD7 billion and is expected to increase to USD 12.8 billion by 2025,corresponding to an annual growth of 12.7 percent.


” The company's new biosensor is unique andstrengthens Heliospectra's position as a leader in controlled cultivation. Thesmart farming market is developing rapidly, and cultivation is becoming moreautomated. Therefore, the company will invest in product development andharness expertise internally to ensure the delivery of our current projectswhile maintaining our image as an innovative and forward-thinking company,”says Andreas Gunnarsson, Chairman of the Board of Heliospectra.


Focus on Europe's commercial greenhousemarket

In combination with climate change, the weatherconditions in Europe have created a need for controlled cultivation and anincreased interest in commercial greenhouses. Economies such as theNetherlands, Germany, Spain, and France all possess large areas of greenhousecultivation, and the commercial greenhouse market is growing steadily. This isthanks to favorable regulations within the region and an increased interest insmart agriculture.


Earlier this year, Heliospectra expressed itsintention to expand in the European market. However, the current pandemic haspostponed or canceled some of those investments. In 2022, Heliospectra will nowfully invest in the European market with extra focus on building up thecompany's reseller network.


”In recent years, Smart Farming and data-drivencultivation have formed a significant following after more and more growers seeits positive effects on the cultivation economy. Following many years ofdevelopment, we see that the market is becoming ready for our patentedbiosensor, with many European countries at the forefront of agriculture. We areon the verge of fulfilling our founders' vision and are looking forward to 2022and the ability to offer the unique, complete solution our LED lamps, helioCORE™system, and new biosensor entail,” concludes Ali Ahmadian.


With a unique system solution that addresses a largeand rapidly growing market, Heliospectra is entering a new and exciting phase.

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