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We partner with you from the ground up to help you achieve your crop goals. Whether you want to increase yields, improve quality, alter morphology or accelerate production, our industry experts provide customized, collaborative services that get results.

How We Can Help You

Light Planning

Light Planning Services:

  • Achieve your crop goals with customized light plans and lighting strategies.
  • Define your supplementary lighting needs based on natural light simulations and DLI analyses.
  • Ensure the best set-up of your lights and light zones.
  • Reap the benefits of energy savings and optimization.
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On Site Services

Benefit From Our On-Site Services:

  • Maximize your light environment.
  • Optimize your production.
  • Secure correct light measurements and sensor installations.
  • Ensure relevant team knowledge through our training sessions.
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Try-Before-You-Buy Services:

  • Perform a pilot or R&D study.
  • Receive real production data and verify your ROI calculation.
  • Get to know your control equipment and its possibilities.
  • Have the help of our experts in your environment.
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Cultivation Training

Cultivation Training Services:

  • Receive food and cannabis cultivation training from our experts.
  • Learn about plant biology and the effects of light.
  • Achieve continuous production improvements with customized support plans.
  • Involve your entire team in training sessions to focus on your goals.
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Use Our Labs

Lab Services:

  • Use our lab to evaluate the best lighting strategy for your crop.
  • Take experimentation off-site with no disturbance to your production.
  • Benefit from expert research without the need for your own in-house research competence.
  • Obtain data from lab projects fully customized to your needs and crop.
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“What was really impressive was that we found by changing the ratio of far-red and red, Vitacress could get the basil plants to actually be chill tolerant.By shining this different ratio of LED lights on basil for a period of time, we significantly extended the shelf life of our potted plants in the retail stores.”

Chris Moncrieff, former Production Director, Vitacress

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