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IR: A word from the CEO

Annual Report: CEO Ali Ahmadian’s view on 2018

As the demand for horticulture LED lighting solutions continues to rapidly scale, commercial food producers, AgTech companies, research organizations and medicinal plant cultivators have increasing interest in automated light controls and vertical farming to optimize their growing space. And as growers have now been using LED technologies and applications in day-to-day operations, the proven results achieved with Heliospectra products result in requests for more advanced controls, crop-specific light spectra and collaboration with growers to incorporate their inputs and feedback into our new solutions and expanding product portfolio.

As our customers experience the high level of expertise and support, we provide, they recognize Heliospectra as a brand they can trust and as a forward-thinking, full-service solutions provider who delivers technical expertise, high-quality and reliable LED lighting equipment, and a sophisticated, business-focused helioCORE™ light control system.

In addition to introducing world-class solutions to the horticulture, greenhouse and vertical farming markets, Heliospectra now collaborates even more closely with our customers across six continents to plan and prepare facility designs, consult on infrastructure projects and logistics, and implement and install lighting with helioCORE™ control systems. And our collaborations continue long after the plants are established to ensure that our growers and customers are achieving superior crop performance and harvest results, 365 days a year.

As we expanded our production and manufacturing supply chain in 2018, Heliospectra will enjoy more freedom and flexibility in product design and engineering as demonstrated with the introduction of our new SIERA light bar series with five different spectra variants. The ability to deliver exceptional product quality at even larger volume and quantities will help us grow our business and target larger customers and orders with much faster turnaround and response.

helioCORE™ continues to receive international acclaim, awards and attention as the market-leading control system that can master even the most challenging automation and dynamic light requirements. And our helioCARE™ technical services portfolio provides education, expert advice and cultivation training before, during and after implementation. We are receiving strong and increasing interest in Heliospectra’s software and service offerings.

Our collaboration and strategic partnership with ABB expand the electrical and automation services we now offer as part of our full-service solutions in the Middle East, Asia, North America and other high growth regions across the globe. Moreover, together with ABB we will build on our helioCORE™

platform, which enable us to offer opportunity to integrate additional automation and control features for growers and operations teams. By deepening the AI and machine learning capabilities, we will offer our customers the ability to make even more data-driven decisions.

Our customer-focused efforts and new product initiatives have already started contributing to higher profit margins, increased interest from larger companies in the commercial food sector, and a more effective sales process that presents our technical knowledge and expertise from the initial introduction to installation and implementation.

In 2019, we are taking the next step by working in even closer geographic proximity to our customers in key regions. Our new Heliospectra business entity and sales presence in Canada will play an integral role, and I will personally spend more time in North America during this next year to establish our organisation and initiate new relationships with partners and customers. Heliospectra will also establish multiple reference projects in the food sector in 2019 with close customer cooperation to highlight grower success and the full capabilities of our company’s technologies.

Finally, I would like to thank the many investors who participated in our rights issue that was completed in April 2019. This funding will enable us to fully complete Heliospectra’s transformation into a world-class company positioned for monumental growth, while building a long-term cash flow through our market-leading services and product solutions.

/Ali Ahmadian, CEO
Heliospectra AB

CEO Ali Ahmadian at GreenTech 2019

Company Presentation at Redeye Investor After Work Event in Malmö

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