Case Study: Growing Hemp at Ambary Gardens Greenhouse

May 3, 2016
Ambary Gardens specializes in growing ecological hemp and extracting the plant’s CBD oil for high-quality medical marijuana products. Founder Brady Bell became involved in the medical marijuana industry after meeting people who found significant help from using CBD oil. The company now offers therapeutic-grade high-quality CBD, low-quantity THC products, available in all 50 states. Heliospectra delivered its ELIXIA LED grow lights and software to Ambary Gardens to be used in their greenhouse facility in Kittredge, Colorado. The Heliospectra LED lighting system allowed Ambary Gardens to set supplemental lighting conditions adjusted to weather conditions, decreasing energy consumption and producing stable, high-quality yields. “Nothing competes with these Heliospectra lights. Along with delivering improved yields, they offer it all including low energy consumption, low maintenance and the ability to get on a computer to simplify adjustments.“ - Samer Abilmona, Director of Horticulture, Ambary Gardens Significant results have been measured using the new light system including: - Increased yield in the flower room, with some strains shown to produce a 43% increase in usable plant material yield - Consistency in yield output and plant weight, helping the grower to overcome the environmental variables of growing in a greenhouse such as cloudy, rainy days - Decrease in energy costs - Reduced maintenance costs Strain____________________Total Weight____Average Ounces/Plant R4 (with Heliospectra)_________20.9___________________1.64 R4 (without Heliospectra)______26.9___________________ 1.15 If you’re a commercial grower and would like to find out how LED Grow Lights can maximize your operation, contact us today!