Heliospectra LED Grow Lights Cut HVAC Costs in Half

June 15, 2016

Heliospectra LED Grow Lights Cut HVAC Costs in Half

The Grove - Las Vegas, NV

40,000 SF / Vertical Grow Operation

600+ Heliospectra ELIXIA fully controllable LED grow light

the grove nevada bloom heliospectra LED grow lights

The Grove Nevada did their research.  When the Las Vegas based cannabis grow operation began exploring their options, they took a hard look at lighting.  The Grove studied the available lamps in the marketplace from a yield and flower quality angle.  The Heliospectra LX601C grow lights stood heads above the competition.  The HVAC savings more than sealed the deal with less than a year’s ROI on the lamps. The reduction in HVAC capital expenditure justifies the investment in Heliospectra’s LEDgrow lights.  The dramatic monthly savings ensures lower COGS (cost of goods sold).  The original plans called for HID lighting in the facility, demanding 90 tons of A/C per grow room.  The general contractor, Aaron Tippets of Tippets Mechanical, did his own heat testing of HPS vs LED.  His conclusions led the operation down a much more efficient path with the installation of Heliospectra LED grow lights. The total A/C demanded for each room was cut in half, down to 50 tons / room. “I wish all of my projects went as well as The Grove.  Grow operations really need to be looking at alternatives to HPS lamps.”  - Aaron Tippets, Tippets Mechanical After the calculations, including the HVAC CapEx and OpEx, the ROI on Heliospectra lamps would take place within a year of operation.  This savings guarantees a much lower COGS for The Grove.  An upside that the operation will enjoy as downward product pricing pressure begins to grow in the market. Other operations that have chosen the less efficient HID lighting route will be forced to perform expensive retrofits if they plan to compete. Take a look at our new video from the Grove.

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