Heliospectra LX60 Series Delivers Diverse Greenhouse Market's Lighting Needs

March 10, 2015

Increased production and lower energy consumption

Once commercial greenhouse operators have put their carefully crafted business plans into action, they are in a position to build upon that foundation. While greenhouses enable growers to take advantage of natural sunlight, ambitious growers are using supplemental lighting to provide longer photoperiods and to implement additional cycles in a greenhouse’s annual production.   In 2006, Heliospectra was founded in Sweden to address the lighting needs of greenhouse growers; as cultivators shift to greenhouse growing, we are ready to share our expertise with them. We have built the highly engineered Heliospectra LX602, a LED grow light that replaces High Intensity Discharge (HID) lights in commercial greenhouse environments. The LX602 optical distribution is ideal for greenhouses when the light needs to be mounted at a higher distance from the plant than indoor cultivation, while still maintaining a wide, uniform light distribution concentrated into the canopy. The LX60 Series has been third-party verified as one of the most efficient and versatile on the market, with the efficiency equal to a 1000W HPS/HID but with up to half the energy consumption. Ulf Jönsson CEO of Spisa, the European leader in the cultivation of fresh herbs in pots for the grocery market, said, “The LX60 delivers what it promises. Overall, it looks very positive. For us it is of course important to constantly reduce our carbon footprint, minimize energy consumption while optimizing the quality of our products. The new LX60 is a part of this work.” Spisa formerly called Swedeponic has been an important partner in the research and development process at Heliospectra since its start in 2006. Swedeponic currently have 44 fixtures of our newest LX60 in place at its facility in Hejsta outside Södertälje. Read more about our installation at Spisa here.

Take the next step with LED light recipes

Our lamps enable cultivators to change the light spectrum during different growth cycles. This means seasonal greenhouse concerns can be accommodated for when scheduling growth cycles. According to Ryan Hyde, President of Manatua Gardens, Ohio, “The lights definitely grow our plants faster in the winter months helping us maintain a more consistent production schedule.” Regardless of the season, Heliospectra LED grow lights and the LX60 allows growers to modify the light spectrum using our built-in control software and scheduling program or our newly announced HelioCORE control software, an interface that gives remote control over the exact parameters of the lamp’s operation without ever needing to touch a power knob or manual timer. This is smart technology for savvy growers ready to advance their operation. While there are many unknowns to manage when cultivating, Heliospectra provides a known lighting solution—a lamp that enables growers to manipulate the light spectrum to craft custom light recipes. We have refined the lighting process so growers can improve the quality of their product. Our deep knowledge of plant physiology and photosynthesis, as well as unique ways of using modern LED technology, will continue to drive our commitment to growers looking to customize their supplemental lighting solutions as a means of operating a successful commercial greenhouse. Are you running a commercial greenhouse and are interested in changing to LED grow lights? Contact us today.