Light Recipes - Seamless Transition To LED Grow Lights

February 9, 2015
In an effort to keep Heliospectra grow light users ahead of their competition, we have taken a step to remove the guesswork of setting a high quality light spectrum. With just a couple clicks of the mouse, growers can now set a daylight replication light schedule into Heliospectra grow lights. These schedules (or “light recipes”) can make up to 150 daily adjustments to the light color and intensity without the grower ever needing to touch a power nob or manual timer.

No more magenta light please.

Most LED grow lights come with a simple, red and blue light spectrum. This gives off that bright magenta light color which is now synonymous with LED grow lights. This light color is not at all pleasant to work under and nearly impossible to monitor the plant’s health. So what better starting point than bringing known, high quality natural light conditions indoors?

As simple as opening an email

The basic Heliospectra light recipes stem from actual solar irradiance measurements. The data is taken from geographies known for producing high quality flowers and/or leafy greens in natural conditions. From here, growers can then tweak the settings to adapt to their specific crops and growing environment. For example, we have growers today who have managed to shave two weeks off their flowering time by fine tuning a light recipe for their crops.

Ready to get a leg up on your competition?

1. If you haven’t already purchased a Heliospectra LED grow light, contact our dedicated sales team at 2. Surf into our support portal and download a light recipe (NOTE: recipe files vary depending on if you have a C-plate type or G-plate type) 3. Follow this video tutorial to upload the recipe 4. Start growing and experience the difference.   If you have any questions on our light recipes don’t hesitate to contact us today.