The Grove Nevada Accelerates Harvest With Heliospectra LED Control

June 27, 2016
By choosing Heliospectra LED grow lights, The Grove is able to design light recipes that mimic sunrise, mid-day and sunset.  This approach, combined with a “far red push” during the last few weeks of flowering, equates to more harvests per year and a more profitable operation.  Specific light recipes, combined with the more natural grow environment provided by LED lights, equates to these accelerated harvests and that effects an operation’s bottom line.
“The last three weeks of harvest we are able to push the light spectrum a little differently, so that at the very end we are getting that far red and we able to speed up the product to harvest.” - says Biernacki
The Grove Nevada is a 40,000 sf, vertically oriented, cannabis grow operation.  With four double tiered flower rooms and one triple tiered vegetative room, the operation is state of the art.  Constructed with GMP (good manufacturing practices) standards, one could eat off of the shiny white floor.  No corners were cut in the development of the facility. The Grove has accomplished on a commercial scale what has only been possible in smaller grows.  The Grove’s first harvest yielded a strain with a Myrcene level of 10% and another boasting a whopping 31.4% THC level.  This unprecedented level of control over a lamp is changing the way growers grow.
“I can manipulate the lights for end of harvest time by bringing the lights into a pure blue and raise my terpene levels right before harvest.” - said Biernacki
Grow operations can be much more dynamic with multiple strains running different light recipes.  Heliospectra’s software allows for simple control over multiple lights.  A grower can batch their light recipes easily per strain, by photoperiod or room.
“Heliospectra is dedicated to our grower’s success. Commercial application of our technology in operations like The Grove Nevada truly changes the game.  By choosing Heliospectra, they’ve begun to unlock the potential of their plant’s genetics.  This is just the beginning of a fascinating journey into plant light science.” - Chris Walker, General Manager, Heliospectra AB
Check out the latest video about The Grove’s results below.  
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