Three Things You Need to Know about Greenhouse LED Grow Lights

August 11, 2016
LED grow lights are known to provide a number of benefits that stem solely from LED technology such as:
  • Increased Sales - Exceed your targeted sales numbers and reduce costs by controlling every aspect of your operation.
  • Improve Quality - Boost the quality of your crops with an optimised light spectrum, creating a better product, putting you miles ahead of your competition.
  • Maximise Production - Increase harvest rates by providing the perfect environment for your plants all year round.
Let’s take a look at a few important things you should know before using LED lights: Location and power:  Making sure your plants are receiving the sufficient amount of light they need is crucial for healthy growth. You can’t always provide a perfect location for your plants to get the best “natural light” which means you may need to manually step in to make this happen. Ensuring quality light distribution can be measured through daily light integral (DLI) which is the quantity of light delivered throughout the course of the day (24hours). The appropriate amount of DLI for your plants depends on the crop or species itself. You can take a look at our previous post on DLI for more information on this topic. Make sure the parts are up to par: The chances of getting a product with high-quality parts is much higher if you buy from a top manufacturer. LEDs come in all types of qualities, it is therefore best to find the light that’s best for your operation from a company that you are sure can cater to your needs rather than buying a cheap solution. It is common for top manufacturers to list specific details regarding individual parts. While it may take time to conduct some product research to ensure you are getting quality, it could save you down the road. Don’t take the risk of buying a product for less cash that will only hurt you in the long haul. Read more. Maximize your lighting potential:  Yes, one of the benefits of LED lights is the ability to adjust the spectrum to meet the needs of your plants. By adjusting the spectrum you can achieve different results from your plants. You could prolong the shelf life, create a better tasting plant or elongate it to. Read more about spectrum here. Looking for more information on LED grow lights? Check out a couple other posts