Commercial LED Grow Lights & Controls

Results-driven LED grow lights and solutions for commercial greenhouse growers & horticulture producers.

Heliospectra is the global leader in innovative horticulture lighting technology, custom light control systems, and specialized services for greenhouse and controlled plant growth environments. Our LED grow lights have been designed with the Grower in mind, providing a fixed and flexible spectrum of light to cater to every crop's needs and growing stages.
“Increased yield by 13% over the winter growing season, Heliospectra LED lighting helped us deliver fresh, flavorful and highest quality arugula and microgreens to more than 400 retail stores across the country."

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"The biggest benefit to us was crop quality. With the Heliospectra LED Grow Lights, we grew the business by 25% – same area, just different light."

At Heliospectra we work with Growers across the globe to provide the best lighting solution for Tomatoes, Cannabis, Cucumbers, Peppers, Leafy Greens, and much more. Check out our Grower Centre for customer success stories, and tons of great content to help you produce better quality crops and increase your yield.

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