Wireless, Instant Dimming and Control for you Greenhouse

Featuring a modular design, an innovative cooling solution, and IP67 dust and water resistance, MITRA is any growers dream come true. Designed to work both indoors and in greenhouses.

Different Spectral Variants

Integration with helioCORE and sensors allow for automated light strategies and real-timelight adjustments.


No extra wiring needed during installation, saving your money and time

Fixture Weight

To protect against network failures, a fall-back schedule guarantees safe and secure crop production according to your settings and standards

Dust and Water Resistance

Full IP67 certification means SIERA can be easily cleaned and withstand even the toughest growing environments.

IP67 Protection
Customer Testimonial

"Six days healing treatment in indoor environment achieved 95.5% average success rate for tomato shoots, rooting and plant height before transport and greenhouse transplant."

Customer Testimonial
Greenbelt Microgreens

"Increased yield by 13% over the winter growing season, Heliospectra LED lighting helped us deliver fresh, flavorful and highest quality arugula and micro greens to more than 400 retail stores acrossToronto, Canada."

Customer Testimonial  
Green Mountain Harvest Hydroponic

"The biggest benefit to us was crop quality. With the Heliospectra lights we actually grew the business by 25%
– same area, just different light."

Technical Specifications

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