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With its modular design, dimmable LED’s, and daisy chainable PSU, MITRA is any growers dream come true. Designed to work indoors or in greenhouses, MITRA is available in a host of different combinations, perfectly tuning it for any application.

MITRA’s square layout is the ideal tool for indoor installations. Anything from cannabis to microgreens will benefit greatly from the layouts maximized light spread and uniformity over any standard growing beds.

The linear layout on the other hand will be right at home in any greenhouse environment, especially in cases of crops which may require higher doses of light such as tomatoes. Designed to sit neatly below the unistruts of a greenhouse, the linear layout minimizes shading while still providing your crops with optimal, and uniform light.

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Power Consumption:


Photon Flux (µmol/s):

1440-1560 µmol/s (spectrum dependent).


0-10V dimming control via the power supply. (Dynamic dimming through helioCORE™ coming soon!


3 Years.

Three Available Spectrum Options:

MITRA comes in a choice of 3 plates: Vegetative, Flowering, and Broad Spectrum.


Broad Spectrum:



Top mounted via C brackets (sold separately).

Available In Two Configurations:

Square: Optimised for vertical installations and shaped to deliver uniform light distribution over a standard growing bed.

Linear: Designed to minimise and shading in a greenhouse by following the form of the unistrut infrastructure.