helioCore 2.0TM

Connect your Heliospectra lights to helioCORE 2.0 and take control over the market leading lighting technology.

Core Strengths

helioCORE 2.0 was upgraded and improved to give you more control over how you grow your crops.

Wifi control of lamps​

Remote system updates​

Notifications ​in helioCORE and by email​

Easy Monitoring of Lamp Settings and Status​

Easy Monitoring of Sensors (light levels)​

Easy Monitoring of Power consumption​

Grow Zones

Allows you to divide your facility into grow zones.

Control lamps and sensors

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Set Lighting Strategies

Set lighting strategies over time​ that you have total control over with Scheduled Events​ and Smart Control.

Control elongation​

Stimulate flowering​

Boost coloration

Boost terpenes​

Smart Controllers

Introducing onTarget which has to main goal to Maintain target/optimal PPFD​.

Measures light intensity​

Automatically adjusts lamps to reach target light intensity​


In The Field

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Success Stories

Technical Specifications

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