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Vertical Farming Solutions for Repeatable and Predictable Results

Heliospectra's new SIERA light bar takes an application based approach to vertical farming, resulting in repeatable and predictable results and a high-quality crop. The 5 initial spectrum variants will promote propagation, grafting/healing, cloning, full indoor sole source growth and different types of treatment lights. Allowing growers to set up new vertical farming and urban farming installations or optimize already existing operations by introducing vertical farming to parts of the operation that make sense for them.

Propagation Light (Available For Order)

Intended for propagation of plants that are to be deployed to a greenhouse for full growth stage.

Indoor Production Light (Available For Order)

Spectrum with a low amount of far red. Intended for plants grown seed to harvest in an indoor environment.

Far Red Treatment (Avaliable Q1)

Promotes stem elongation and potential to increase shelf life.

High Blue Treatment (Avaliable Q1)

Promotes compact growth, leaf coloration and may increase antioxidants and some vitamins.

Grafting/Healing Treatment (Avaliable Q1)

Spectrum designed for plant healing such as in tomato grafting. (Verified and designed together with tomato producer Nature Sweet)

Power Consumption

0 - 50 W

Voltage Range

80 - 305 VAC


0-10 V Dynamic dimming


25 x 50 x 1200 mm (1 x 2 x 47 inches)


1 kg (2.2 lbs)


Top mounted T-slot

Serial Connection

Daisy chain serial connection