Research and development

Research and development

The design and development of our lighting systems are the result of close collaboration between our customers, engineers and plant scientists. We continually develop new growth regimes for different types of plants and improve on existing regimes.


In addition to our own in-house R&D, Heliospectra undertakes joint research projects with several institutes, universities and other external partners. We even share offices with one of them – SP Food and Bioscience unit (formerly SIK – The Swedish Institute for Food and Biotechnology) in Gothenburg, Sweden. There, we have a cleanroom growth facility that simulates day and night temperatures. Inside are 20 smaller growth chambers and a Conviron A1000 climate chamber. Our collaboration with SIK gives us access to advanced equipment and services used by the food and agricultural industry in Sweden.

New Industry Collaboration Report: Growth and development of cereals in a controlled environment with sole source LED lighting

Bånkestad D. Heliospectra AB, Lethin J. Unitversity of Gothenburg, and the biotech companies CropTailor and OlsAro

University of Gothenburg, together with the biotech companies CropTailor and OlsAro as well as Heliospectra, have conducted a trial on growing cereals in a controlled environment under sole source LED lighting. The purpose was to study growth and development under two different LED light treatments, and also compare the results with experiences from growing under the traditional HID lamps. Growth parameters that are important to cereals and that were evaluated are plant architecture, developing time, flowering time, grain quality and yield.

Read and download the full report here


Heliospectra oat and barley trial

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